Decoding Old Excavations. Digital Reprocessing, Analysis, and Sustainable Management of Analog Data from the 1990s Sirkeli Höyük Excavations

Fabrizio Bätscher (University of Bern)
Silvana Hunger (University of Bern)
Sophia Marxer (University of Bern & University of Marburg)

Saturday, 7 October 2023 | 10:00–10:30 am

Archaeological excavations produce a wealth of data, including photographs, drawings, and descriptions of objects and structures. Managing and preserving this data is crucial for archaeologists, traditionally done through physical records like index cards and drawings stored separately. Many projects are digitising and interconnecting this data to facilitate efficient publication and ensure long-term accessibility.

The presented project focuses on digitising and processing the excavation documentation from the Sirkeli Höyük excavations in Türkiye (1992–1997). This documentation includes handwritten diaries, artefact drawings, photos, and descriptions of findings, primarily available only in analog form. The project aims to archive all this data digitally, integrate it into the University of Bern’s library, add it to the project database, and make the image data accessible online through an open-access repository.

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